The Right Quality Paper for Your Thesis and Projects

Serious matters need serious papers. Paperline/IK Signature offers premium paper for more exclusive experiences in all formal documents that will last a lifetime. Our sustainable special printing paper is versatile and adaptable to many different functions or activities you may require. This thick copy paper is durable, smooth and eco-friendly no matter the number of pages you print.

Theses, dissertations, project documentations, manuals and other reports that contain many pages require A4 size paper and 80 gsm thickness. This is the standard practice. Paperline/IK Signature special printing paper is great for producing volumes of pages. It is also highly regarded by our clients who demand strong, thick copy paper for their everyday use.

 For university students, master and doctoral candidates as well other professionals, using quality paper is vital. Since all legal documents produced must represent integrity and great credibility, first impression starts from the paper used. Paperline/IK Signature special printing paper runs side-by-side with the content of your document.

Print your thesis, report or project documentation using Paperline/IK Signature, the best choice in the market. Lecturers and project owners demand special printing paper that is durable, smooth, has high whiteness and brightness as well as the right thickness. APP Sinarmas exclusively develops and designs Paperline/IK Signature for your everyday uses.

Paperline/IK Signature is manufactured with the strictest quality control, ensuring the best results imaginable. We even protect the environment in producing our papers, improving productivity without sacrificing our earth. Other than these, there are two must-have qualities prevalent in any official document printing: 

Quick Ink Absorption

What is the most required feature when printing documents in bulk? Speed of print. Paperline/IK Signature special printing paper delivers just that. Its smooth surface facilitates uniform ink absorption, prevents smudges and retains color brilliance fast enough before the next page comes in.

This thick copy paper produces speedy output without the hassle of paper jams. Your printer will work more efficiently, rolling out page after page with no error. You save time and increase productivity with this premium product from APP Sinarmas.

A smooth surface also gives an accurate result. Colorful graphics retain their original perspective. Texts are easily distinguishable: normal, italic, bold and underlined letters stand out on their own, giving the proper comprehension and lasting impression for the reader.

Sharp Color Contrast

Paperline/IK Signature thick copy paper readily reproduces multiple copies of your work effortlessly. Its high opacity means that your document looks impressive because its structure prevents light from breaking through. This no see-through effect projects high quality work and will impress your clients.

Paperline/IK Signature thick copy paper looks appealing to the eyes because it reproduces sharp images in true colors with maximum print contrast. Printing results look crisp and clear. Even when you print in black and white, the results are superior compared to other papers.

Paperline/IK Signaturespecial printing paper saves you money as well. When printing duplex or double-sided, the opacity will make sure that each of the pages stand out on its own. There is no need to worry about cheap-looking printouts.

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