Premium Features of Signature Paper Preferred by Banks

At the heart of every economy lies the banking sector. Banks are instrumental in distributing a nation’s wealth by acting as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers. There are many important financial transactions occurring in a single day, many of them with years of legal binding agreement.

Financial institutions use different types of paper to support their business activities. Quality writing paper is very essential for any banking operations. Think about the agreement printed out on a loan. Opening a new savings account. Creating a big business account. These documents represent years of current and potential future relationships.

Think about what goes on in a potential client’s mind when she holds the agreement letter, reads it carefully and then proceeds to put her signature on. Discerned customers know when they are holding quality writing paper material. What goes on automatically is her perception of the bank’s service quality. Banks as a symbol of economic strength ought to provide excellent services using the best possible medium. Paperline/IK Signature premium paper by APP Sinarmas is especially designed to cater for those distinguished clients of yours.

Create an urge to start new mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners through your marketing proposals and joint venture agreements. Follow up documents using good quality paper continue to reflect your level of service quality such as when sending out account statements, credit card notices, loan documentations or personalized mails.

Robust internal accounting processes also demand good quality paper and high-quality print results. Financial statements, dividend, annual and interim reports must be printed on durable, quality writing paper. High quality printing paper is necessary for accounting and archiving purposes such as compliance or yearly tax reports. Remember, internal parties especially shareholders expect the best from their investment.

High Runnability

Paperline/IK Signature has a high runnability, which means how well the paper performs during printing. Cleanliness of the surface can affect the quality of the printed image. Poor surface area quality may cause feeding problems and jam your printer.

Quality writing paper from APP Sinarmas prevents loose paper fibers, curling, wavy edges, and chemical composition imbalance that have the potential to disrupt your printing process. Our quality writing paper has been perfected through rigorous laboratory testing for your convenience.

Whether you are making single or multiple copies of documents, printing single or double-sided, Paperline/IK Signature will match even your most scrutinizing demand.

Long durability

Durability is the degree to which a paper retains its original qualities under continual use. Paperline/IK Signature good quality paper is specifically designed to withstand the test of time. This eco-friendly good quality paper will remain white and spotless for years under normal banking environment. Your documents will maintain their qualities as long as your agreement.

When you need to reproduce or provide copies of important documents, Paperline/IK Signature good quality paper will do just that. Client’s copy of the document and your own accounting records will not turn yellow so easily. With proper archiving, they will last for years to come. Paperline/IK Signature is the ultimate choice for all your banking purposes.

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