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We provide high quality sustainable paper which is pivotal for all businesses

How to Choose the Right Office Paper?


Our high performance paper is suitable for the banking sector.

Financial institutions use different types of paper to support their business activities. Especially for a bank, they need specific paper to support accounting processes and high-quality printing is a prerequisite.

The day to day activities in a bank are incomplete without using paper. It could be financial statements, compliance, yearly tax report, credit card notice, loan documentation, personalized mail and many other activities required for achieving business and regulatory objectives.

Special Mark, sign on authenticity

Sometimes banks use holograms or special signs on their letter heads or documents to distinguish from others. While this feature is difficult to create, but a special sign is necessary as a part of a security feature. Only a high-quality printing paper can provide this feature. This feature guarantees the originality of a letter or any other bank document.

Must Have Features for paper used in the Banking sector

  • Premium Quality
  • Smoothness
  • Long durability
  • High runnability and quick ink absorption
  • Brilliant whiteness
  • High opacity
  • Perfect thickness


Regulatory matters need high performance papers.
Replace your average papers to our sustainable premium paper for more exclusive experiences in all legal documents that will last long.

Benefits of Using Signature Paper for Law Firm

A high performance premium paper like Signature can project a positive impression and image for a law firm. Signature has several features such as jam-free performance, high-quality printing and better two-sided printing.

The quality of paper in use impacts the quality of the material presented to their clients. That’s why law firms should depend on premium paper for their legal processes.

Must Have features for paper used in Law Firms

  • Durable
  • Premium quality
  • Smoothness
  • Perfect thickness
  • High opacity
  • High whiteness


Our sustainable A4 papers are perfectly suitable to maintain high standards of the hospitality industry.

The Importance of Using Paper for Hospitality

A hotel needs premium A4 paper for various jobs like proposals, year-end reports, marketing promotional materials, invitation letter, application letter, settlement letter, invoices and communication to their guests.

A report, proposal or year-end report printed on a thicker high performance paper like Signature feels elegant, real and authentic. It is an important medium for a premium hotel to convey its brand and values to its guests and stakeholders. 

Paper products always have a place in a modern hotel. Besides A4 paper for day to day office purposes, paper product is frequently used to build a business relation and trust with various channels. Some examples are a letter of request, offering letter, agreement letter for vendors and others.

Must Have Features for paper used in the Hospitality sector

  • Premium quality
  • Smoothness
  • High Whiteness
  • Perfect thickness
  • Durable
  • Sharp contrast

The Preferred Choice for Your Printing and Copying Needs

Throughout the advent of industry and technology, paper has stood firm to the test of time. Though we use many note-taking applications on our laptop, tablets and smartphones, paper is still very useful in everyday communication. Paper is the most versatile medium across applications.

Many businesses and organizations invest in digital technology to reduce paperwork and archiving purposes. However, research shows that reading and writing on paper are more effective than digital reading and writing because of our photographic memory.

The most popular paper size is A4, with a dimension of 21 cm x 29.7 cm. A4 printer paper and A4 copy paper as the standard of the industry has been widely used by private companies, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools and other institutions.

So, what are the common uses of A4 copy paper in this modern-day? Let us explore.

Using physical paper involves more sensory perception, including touch and smell. Therefore, as your customers and clients read these documents, they get to feel the texture of your A4 printer paper and vividly remember what they read before eagerly penning? their signature. Therefore, it is important to use the best A4 printer paper for your business growth and sustainability.

Made from the best sustainable materials, Paperline and IK Signature A4 printer paper have a smooth surface that allows printer rollers to firmly grasp it page by page, producing consistent results without any trouble. Your efforts in producing the document must be well complemented by a respectable final output using the best quality A4 printer paper.

Furthermore, the high contrast of Signature  A4 printer paper ensures that all your data, graphs and texts stand out and are easily readable, whether you print in color or black and white. This is a very special requirement for any contract documents and form, for they represent valuable and important information for the reader. So, make sure your A4 printer paper conveys your idea, pixel by pixel.


Paperline and IK Signature premium performance paper contribute to pages of error-free printing that your company requires. APP Sinarmas manufactures high-quality A4 printer  and  copy paper that would project prestige and integrity to your business.

What do reports, journals and publications have in common? They involve an extensive amount of research and data collection. Such  efforts that take up a lot of time deserve a first-class production with the right A4 copy paper.

Signature A4 printer paper makes certain your hard work will stand the test of time. This superb A4 printer paper preserves your ideas long after their first appearance in the world. Made from the specially formulated pulp, your company reports, business journals and other publications are ready for archiving without turning yellowish. When printed using our A4 printer paper, they will maintain their look and structure for comfortable reading or reference later.

For those presenting their outstanding idea yet concerned with protecting the environment or simply prefer duplex printing to save space, Paperline and IK Signature A4 printer paper offer  high opacity printing results. This means that you can print your content double-sided without a see-through effect. Both sides of the paper will be comfortable for reading without interfering with each other.

Duplication is also a breeze with  Signature A4 copy paper. When your reports, journals and publications need reproduction copies, this A4 copy paper does its job on the copier as well as it does on the printer. For best results, choose A4 copy paper with at least 80 gsm in weight.

Expanding your business and organizational influence requires promotions. Many of our clients prefer to print their in-house leaflets, signage and in-premise deals at their workplace using Signature A4 copy paper.

Restaurants, hotels and shopping malls often put copies of their latest deals and promotions in certain places around their premises. Premium performance paper helps secure the right image for your business.

Have you been to a good restaurant with a cheap-looking menu? No, right? The restaurant would have used A4 copy paper that  reflect  their quality. So does their stand-up triple-folded mini brochure, utilizing the best A4 printer paper to distinctly project their level of service to the customers.

Quality hotels not only use Paperline or IK Signature A4 printer paper for their check-in forms, they also utilize smartly designed stationery and signage in the rooms, restaurant, pool and meeting areas. Signature A4 copy paper produces the same quality copies each time, whether in color or simple black and white edition.

Shopping malls and supermarkets rely on heavy-duty A4 copy paper. The scope of these businesses demands a colorful variety of displays in the most convenient spots. The fast-moving nature of current deals and promotions is more cost-efficient by producing your commercials inhouse using Paperline or IK Signature A4 printer paper . This premium performance paper gives superior quality output that will delight your customers’ eyes.

Contracts, forms, reports, journals, publications and promotional materials frequently necessitate good quality A4 printer paper and A4 copy paper. Not only that, but premium performance paper is also always good for your everyday use.

Just as if working in a non-air-conditioned room on a hot day may reduce your performance, using a premium A4 copy paper may increase your productivity. Office work, like graphic design, is greatly affected by the medium is it printed on.

Your notes, drawings and sketches feel different on a smoother surface delivered by  Signature A4 copy paper. This whiter A4 copy paper  sets up your mind for limitless creativity. As you pen down your thoughts, feel the grace of each stroke of your hand. This effortless movement frees the imagination as you make your mark on the A4 copy paper. Your drawing or sketch may well be your masterpiece yet.

These are the ways clients use our premium performance paper. Some use it for internal purposes, some for marketing and development, while others prefer using for the maximum comfort and performance Paperline and IK Signature offers. What do you use it for?

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