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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium paper ensures good print results, jam free performance and efficiency. The final results are pleasing to the eye and establish an impression of trust and quality.

Yes, with Trutone technology, Signature brings brilliant print colors. Clear & sharp images, uniform distribution of ink & quick ink drying are some of the benefits on color printing jobs.

Signature is a developed masterpiece for all your printing purposes. With high performance and print quality, it is the ultimate choice for any document where impressions matter, such as:
– Corporate Report
– Pitch Proposal
– Project Document
– Thesis
– Resumes & many more 

Signature being a premium product comes with high thickness and opacity. It is perfect for 2 sided printing as it allows the printing results on both sides to be clearly visible.

Yes, Signature is suited for photocopy, inkjet, laser & fax machines for both color and black & white prints.

Signature with advance Trutone technology is a premium product offered by APP Sinarmas. It has high smoothness, high thickness along with high white & bright appearance. It gives excellent print results on all printing machines with jam free performance.

Smoother surface helps in uniform ink absorption, bright print images, no mottling, sharp and clear printing results.

A thicker paper gives a more professional look to your work. High thickness paper ensures longer durability, two sided printing, jam free printing and higher machine runnability.

Signature from APP Sinarmas offers ISO brightness of 98%.

Due to Signature’s high brightness & high whiteness features, print contrast is superb whether you are printing in black & white or in color. This results in great readibility for any printed material.

Paperline and IK Signature is manufactured from:

  • 100% sustainable plantation wood
  • 100% Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) certified pulp
  • Fiber which are 100% ECF (elemental chlorine-free)

The product is PEFC certified. Paperline and IK Signature is a high-quality paper which is 100% acid-free making it suitable for long archival.

PEFC, IFCC, Indonesian LEGAL wood, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 9706, SNI, HALAL.

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