Features of Signature Paper Preferred by Corporates

Office paper is pivotal for many corporations. Legal documents like contracts and agreements require the utmost care in their construction. Documents of such importance deserve the best professional printing paper to represent their significance and duration of use.

The right office paper increases your productivity with jam-free printing, saving you hours of needless technical issues. Paperline/IK Signature performs well on variety of printers, so you can focus your proposal or marketing efforts on the content that matters to your clients.

Paperline/IK Signature by APP Sinarmas comes with a premium weight of 80 gsm, the golden standard for the corporate world. It is the right office paper for your corporate purposes. Its exceptional features as office paper stands out among other kinds of paper.

Here are three reasons why many of our corporate clients prefer Paperline/IK Signature:


Paperline/IK Signature office paper has whiteness level like no other. Its high opacity prevents light to pass through compared to a low opacity paper type. The level of opacity isthe amount of light that can breakthrough a piece of paper.

Paperline/IK Signature professional printing paper’s whiteness is thick and less transparent, an ideal choice for daily office paper use. It is ideal for Annual and Interim Reports that require professional look. Paper whiteness also creates a clean impression on that proposal to important clients.


Paper’s brightness will give a massive difference to the reader. The brighter the paper, the easier it is to read. Printed text will stand out. Layouts and borders are easily recognizable.

Paperline/IK Signature comes with a high level of brightness of 98% as measured by TAPPI standard. This will create a sparkling presentation to your proposals and other documents. Using the perfect professional printing paper makes texts easily readable and graphic colors realistic, pleasing to the eyes of your clients.

Good paper brightness is suitable for project documents and legal contracts that usually contain many long texts and less graphics. Coupled with the right spacing, examining long documents becomes less strenuous.


Paperline/IK Signature professional printing paper has the smoothness that works to your advantage. The quality of your work deserves effortless printing. A smooth professional printing paper provides precise images due to its uniform ink absorption.

Your words print clearly, no shadows or blur and smudges. All your graphic and high resolution images on your presentation will produce sharp contrast, attracting attention of the readers.

Collate your portfolios, manuals and corporate brochures with effortless error-free printing, creating impressions that matter.

Paperline/IK Signature professional printing paper is also earth-friendly. APP Sinarmas ensure our manufacturing comply with the highest environmental standard for a sustainable operation. Paperline/IK Signature production is free from deforestation, sourced from certified sustainably managed plantations. We also implement initiatives to protect the natural forests, maintain biodiversity and support the local communities where we operate.

Using Paperline/IK Signature as your professional printing paper means your company also contributes to protecting the future of our earth. One reason that many of our clients value most.

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