Premium Quality Paper That Reflects Your Hotel’s Class

Hospitality industry leads others in service excellence. Meticulous down to the smallest details characterizes a world class service. From lobby to room interiors, sleeping to swimming and dining experience, greetings to goodbyes, everything guests feel, see, taste, smell and hear is thoughtfully crafted to provide the best experience.

Serve your customers by staying true to your high standard. Present your hospitality with Paperline/IK Signature premium paper. APP Sinarmas manufactures high quality paper true to the hospitality standard. With sustainable production that cares for the environment, Paperline/IK Signature premium paper comes in A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm) and 80 gsm thickness. Perfectly suitable for the needs of hoteliers and hospitality professionals.

Your hotel needs to be equipped with high quality paper that reflects your class. The must-have features for this premium paper includes high whiteness, sharp contrast, surface smoothness and durability.


Guests have their own preferences in picking their favorite hotels. Some opt for value while others go for service. There are also those who choose prestige above all because it reflects their worth.

Paperline/IK Signature premium paper serves your distinguished guests the quality they demand right from arrival up to departure. Imagine the smile on their face when they fill the check-in form: your hotel logo and brand distinctly printed on the paper, as if welcoming and wishing them their most memorable stay yet. They feel the smoothness and easy roll of the pen as they sign the form. What a great first impression. The most discerned guests can sense a deeper connection about your welcome service.

Project your prestige in an elegant, real and authentic way.


Let your guests find high quality paper everywhere whenever they need it. Put a welcome message from the General Manager that is beautifully printed on our Paperline/ IKSignature premium paper complete with your logo and main offerings. This speaks a personal message about the quality of your products and services. Your guests will appreciate it.

When you are able to change your customers’ perception, they are hooked for life. Your hotel image and brand will impress on them. They are more likely to recommend you and even send a buzz among their friends and networks. This simple touch of class will elevate your presentation and brand perception.


Paperline/IK Signature from APP Sinarmas provides a complete selection of paper products for hospitality, both for A4 copy paper or direct printing.

Your hotel needs high quality paper for various office purposes in producing important documents like marketing proposals, year-end reports, other promotional materials and events. Paperline/IK Signature paper produces high whiteness and sharp contrast for that eye-appealing look.

Its surface smoothness ensures problem-free printing, whether single or double sided. Your ink dries quickly and maintains the full spectrum of colors. Paperline/IK Signature high quality paper has a high durability, suitable for letters of request, offering letters, your vendor contracts and agreements with travel agents. Printing bulk promotional materials on your premises promises to be a jam-free performance on your printer. Every printout will retain its quality for many years.

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