Choosing the Right Paper For Your Professional Need

Office paper, also referred to as corporate paper, is a type of paper mostly used for legal purposes and everyday office tasks like printing and copying. A4 size paper (210 mm x 297 mm) is the standard for any legal paper for printing.

Many users find it difficult to determine the right kind of quality paper for printing. There are many options available in the market and they mostly look the same. However, after experiencing jammed paper, countless hours wasted on getting help, loss of productivity and also poor printing results, finding the right paper for printing becomes a challenging task.

APP Sinarmas manufactures many types of paper for printing and copying. Many of our sophisticated users in the corporate, law firm, banking, dan hospitality sectors – some who have experienced the common problems of poor paper quality – now prefer Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper as their everyday paper of choice.

Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper is specifically designed corporate paper as a solution to quality, error-free printing. No more jammed papers. Instead, Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper increases productivity. It is great for both simplex and duplex printings on any document. Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper creates lasting impression, its brilliant color results amplifies the tone of your final products like agreement letter, official document, presentation and portfolio.

Paperline/IK Signature performs well on a variety of printers used by many corporate offices. This premium performance paper is available in 80 gsm A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm).

Many professionals from a wide range of industries worldwide choose Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper by APP Sinarmas. How is Paperline/IK Signature the right choice for office paper?


Quality paper for printing requires high thickness to ensure jam-free performance. Can you imagine the frustration when printing an important document and your paper gets stuck? Ink smeared on the paper?

Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper is 80 gsm with high thickness and strength. These qualities make our paper strong and imparts life to your documents. It is durable for quality single or double sided printing and your ink will be firmly driven into the paper, giving out vibrant colors and lasting impression.

Paperweight is described as gsm. It is the weight of 1 m2 of paper sheet expressed in grams (grams/m2). In general, higher the gsm, the thicker is the paper. Quality paper for printing ranges from 60 – 80 gsm in wieght. Thicker paper is considered as premium for office use. Choose the 80 gsm for a more professional appearance on your work. This paper thickness will ensure hours of error-free printing and machine runnability.


Another feature to consider when choosing your paper for printing office work is smoothness. Whether you are copying or printing, a smooth surface helps in uniform ink absorption, giving an accurate result. A smoother quality paper for printing produces bright, no mottling, sharp and clear print images.

When you want to impress your clients with brilliant work, Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper from APP Sinarmas is the right choice. Manufactured from 100% virgin pulp, Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper has an excellent whiteness, high smoothness, perfect ink absorption and high opacity to make your presentation as smooth as the paper itself.

Increase your productivity with this quality paper for printing.

Great Printing Results

There are many types of paper and they have different uses. Coated paper is used for brochures, glossy photos, and booklets. Tissue paper for hygiene purposes. Fine art paper is designed for high value and high sentimental value printing of art reproductions, photographs and similar images.

Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper is specifically designed as quality paper for printing and office purposes. Developed for the more discerned users, APP Sinarmas’ new TRUTONE Technology ensures Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper brings the best out of your work and professional portfolio. TRUTONE Technology creates excellent water fastness, fade resistance and high color gamut. Color gamut refers to the range of colors a device can reproduce, the larger or wider the gamut the more rich saturated colors available. This technology also prevents color bleeding, produces higher ink holdout and fast ink drying.

Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper is also appealing to the eyes. It reproduces sharp images in true colors with maximum print contrast. This quality paper for printing has a high smooth surface that makes uniform ink absorption, imparts color brilliance and highlights print clarity.

Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper is the ultimate choice for high performance and print quality, your perfect choice for quality paper for printing. It is a masterpiece optimized for all your digital printing purposes, such as:

  • Corporate reports
  • Pitch proposals
  • Project documents
  • Premium hotels’ contracts and stationery
  • Law firms’ legal documents
  • Thesis
  • Resumes
  • Portfolios
  • Manuals, brochures

Eco-Friendly Product

Many distinct consumers are now more aware of environmental impact and they expect your company to align with their values as well. APP Sinarmas is the leading producer of quality paper for printing with years of valuable knowledge, tools, and industry insights. Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper is expertly designed to be environmentally friendly premium paper designed for all your business needs. Paperline/IK Signature quality paper for printing is crafted with the latest innovation along with responsible forestry practice. It is certified low carbon impact to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

By using Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper your company has invested in the sustainable future. Your esteemed clients will be impressed to deal with an environmentally responsible company like yours. APP Sinarmas takes very great care in producing eco-friendly products. We working together with all stakeholders to secure a better future for our customers, communities, employees, shareholders and you.


The quest for the right quality paper for printing is now over. Paperline/IK Signature by APP Sinarmas has been widely used and trusted by many clients in the corporate, law firm, banking, hospitality and other sectors. Paperline/IK Signature premium office paper ensures you have great copy and print results with right thickness and extra smoothness. Your final product creation is done efficiently, free from unnecessary printing errors. Present your best masterpiece!

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